How to do that the memory foam pillow we bought has smell?

Publish Time: 2017-04-20

      Memory foam pillow, but in the country or abroad are very popular, what is the memory foam pillow? Hand down to the pillow, and then removed, the pillow will slowly restore the status quo, restore the status quo the longer, the better. In general. Now on the market, memory foam pillow a lot of species, the material is also divided into several. Different raw materials to do the pillow, the physical properties are not the same.

      Memory pillow is the sixties of the last century by the Space Agency (NASA) research and development, is an open structure, with temperature and pressure characteristics, can also be called as a Temperature sensitive material.

      But because of the market selling, and some factories use the material is excellent and inferior, we should pay attention to the distinction between the selection, the choice of good quality memory foam pillow, buy memory foam pillow from the smell, density, slow back Playing time and so on factors to choose. General memory foam pillow are environmentally friendly non-toxic polyurethane material, high-quality polyurethane material made of memory foam pillow smell slightly lighter, not careful smell is negligible. The general purchase before use can be ventilated in the room a few days, then the slight smell quickly dissipated.

      This smell is no harm to the human body, the general business before the sale of the smell has been resolved to the problem, in the warehouse in the air for 2 days and then put on the pillowcase packaging, selling, that in the hands of the memory foam pillow are no taste, This is a good memory foam pillow. High-quality memory foam pillow general high cost, the price is high, in order to allow consumers to use high-quality memory foam pillow, it is recommended that users carefully choose manufacturers or businesses, choose memory foam pillow, which is the choice of consumers, Of the manufacturers.

      But there are some businesses for the sake of the cost of the problem and the use of poor quality polyurethane material, so that the quality of memory foam pillow worse, not only taste heavy, bad for our body, but also short life, the product is not guaranteed, so in the choice of manufacturers Time must pay attention to, and first observe the memory foam pillow material is good or bad, manufacturers of service quality, after-sales protection, price and so on. Sometimes the price problem is not the only, the quality is the most important, good quality, the quality of our sleep can help. Memory foam pillow choice to choose the formal business, pay attention to select the details, reputation and other aspects are good, pay attention to shop around.

      The higher the price of raw materials used in memory pillars, the greater the density, the better the material, the longer the rebound time, so the finished pillow price is high; the contrary, low density, pillow in his hand, very light. It is easy to lose efficacy.

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