Memory foam pillow and latex pillow is the same product?

Publish Time: 2017-04-21

      There are a lot of people on the concept of memory foam pillow and latex pillow is not clear that the memory foam pillow and latex pillow is the same product, it is not true, some time ago encountered a body to take memory foam pillow and latex pillow compared to the test results found: memory foam pillow and latex pillow has a different function. Such as memory foam pillow rebound slow, latex pillow fast rebound. Because of this, so memory foam pillow and latex pillow has a completely different function.

      Memory foam pillow and latex pillow, not brother!

      First of all we want to come to science, what is the memory foam pillow, what is latex pillow? Some people in the purchase of these two pillows, it is easy to confuse, in fact, these two materials are completely different.

      Memory is a slow rebound material, scientific name: polyurethane, is a new organic polymer materials; I have been to such a factory, is composed of dozens of different combinations of substances made of foam; because of a significant slow rebound performance , And repeated use and no change, was called slow rebound or memory cotton.

      Memory cotton benefits

      1. Anti-mite anti-bacterial

      2. Moisture and breathable

      3. No pressure

      4. Adjust the cervical spine

      Latex is divided into natural latex and synthetic latex, natural latex from the rubber tree juice, every day the rubber tree can only produce 30cc latex juice, extremely valuable. Synthetic latex comes from oil, chemical products; although the appearance and composition of natural latex, but the price is low and harmful to health.

      The benefits of latex pillow

      1. Anti-mite anti-bacterial

      2. breathable and breathable

      4. Environmental protection and durability

      5. improve sleep

      Different: natural latex and artificial latex is the most direct difference is the smell, artificial latex will be chemical or pungent odor, natural latex is a natural resin taste; natural latex touch delicate smooth, artificial latex feel better than natural latex, artificial latex color pale, natural Latex milky white or pale yellow.

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