Space memory foam pillow cleaning and maintenance methods

Publish Time: 2017-05-05

      Space memory foam pillow easily stained with a variety of dust, dirt, dead skin cells, etc., and will absorb some of the smell. Want to keep the space memory foam pillow clean and clean, and remove these dust dirt, then you need the right cleaning and maintenance methods.

      Memory foam pillow cleaning and maintenance methods:

      1) coat can be washed, the core can not be washed. Cloth sets can be cold water after washing in the shade dry or dry. Memory foam pillow quilt can be washed, but the inside is not to be washed, you can sunscreen in the sun like, memory foam pillow quilt recommended more washing as well.

      2) memory foam pillow pillow core can not be exposed, must be away from high temperature and fire.

      3) Do not put pillows below pillow on top of the product.

      4) to keep the product dry, regular ventilation and drying, if accidentally wet, please immediately use a towel to dry the water, placed in the ventilation can be dry.

       The memory foam pillow can not be cleaned, but it can be used to install the interior brush on the vacuum cleaner to brush back the surface of the space memory foam pillow. If you want to remove the memory of the space memory foam pillow, you can put the undiluted white vinegar into the spray bottle, and then spray a spray in the space memory foam pillow. Do not need to use irritating chemicals, the use of white vinegar can remove the space memory foam pillow above the various smell. After the space memory foam pillow placed in the place without direct sunlight, and to stay away from direct heat, and then drying a few hours.

      So, not to buy a "good" memory foam pillow can be used for several years. Everything has its natural life, memory foam pillow is no exception. But if you can often change the pillowcases, and will pay attention to the above maintenance methods, that a memory foam pillow with the last 3-5 years is normal.

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