Memory foam pillow on sleep and cervical what is the benefit

Publish Time: 2017-05-08

      We grow a little more than a third of the time to spend in sleep, there is a good sleeping position, a comfortable fit on the cervical muscles feel comfortable pillow it! First of all, we come to see what kind of harm does the inappropriate pillow cause to us?

      1 cervical spine is injured. In the past we said "sit back and relax", in fact, too high pillow so that our cervical spine was injured. Normal cervical spine should have a curvature of the previous song, but when the pillow is too high, we are like the original in the bow flexion cervical posture, then the cervical pressure is great, a long time will occur cervical curvature straight bow.

      Similarly, the pillow is too low is not enough. Pillow too low can not spit the neck support the head, the same will allow some people may not even pillow pillow habits, in the young can also, but after more than 30 years of age, the cervical began to degenerate, a variety of shoulder and neck stiffness, soreness Will be shown.

      stiff neck.

      If the pillow is not comfortable, we sleep when the neck will always twist to try to find a comfortable location, this time your sleeping position is often in the wrong posture. Such as sleeping position is not good, in addition to the formation of chronic cervical injury, but also may someday twisted to the neck, fell pillow. A suitable pillow lying should be comfortable, will not let you back and forth to find a comfortable location, naturally help your sleep. just simply sleep all day hazards of improper pillow, let's look at a few pillows we usually often used it, in the end it is appropriate to look at you!

      The first is the buckwheat pillow.

      The advantage of this pillow is plasticity, we can sleep in the nest can be shaking flick to adjust the height and shape, let us feel very comfortable. But at the same time because it is excellent plasticity, we are prone to change when sleeping. And then one, we may not know what shape, adjust to how high is suitable for their own.

      The second is the wave pillow.

      Wave pillow side is high, one side is low, while there is a curvature can support the cervical spine. But there are two questions, one is the height of the suitability for you; Second, you supine and side when the pillow height is not the same, so it is not the best choice.

      The third is also our usual feather pillow

      Which is often seen in the kind of hotel. This pillow is soft and feels comfortable after going up, but the head will fall into the height and the height is not right.

      The fourth is the recent memory foam pillow appeared on the market.

      Memory foam pillow can fit your sleeping position, It is a slow rebound spongeChoosing a suitable pillow is actually a very technical thing.Choose the pillow, the help of the cervical spine is great. When choosing a pillow, the height is the most important, while the back of the cervical spine should be supported, and it should be noted that the height of our supine and sleeping requirements is different. Supine, the height should be their own fist (vertical fist) height, side of the height when the height is a vertical fist plus two horizontal height, so you can middle low, both sides high.               However, each person's shoulder width and fist height is not the same, like shoes, should be the size of the points.

      Finally, the pillow is on the one hand, it is also important; on the other hand pay attention to your sleeping position. Incorrect sleeping position can also cause cervical discomfort, for example, when the side of the body when the rotation is too much, the shoulder is not vertical bed.

      In short, we have to try to develop a good sleeping position habits, choose a suitable pillow to protect the neck does not dare to lose weight!

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