Publish Time: 2017-03-28

Ford is the first member of Ford's brand family. Ford, founded in 1903, was founded by Henry Ford and 11 shareholders with an initial $28000. Based on Ford "for the majority of artificial car around the world ideal, the first workers daily wage of $5 /8 hour standard (then $2.34 /9 hours), created the thousands on thousands of car class, Henry Ford, also known as the" world on the wheels of the people". At the end of 1999, Ford T was named "the car of the century", and Henry Ford himself was awarded the title of "Fortune magazine" entrepreneur of the year twentieth Century. Ford T (Modela) 1908 National Day T car into the historical stage. Henry Ford called it a "universal car."".

In 1999, Fortune magazine named him the "business giant of the year twentieth Century" in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the development of human industry by Ford and others. There is only one secret of Mr Henry Ford's success: try to understand the needs of the people, use the best materials, and make the best cars available to the public. During the 200 anniversary of American independence, in order to match this commemorative Festival, the largest news agency -- the The Associated Press, in the 20 major events of the 200 years in the national polls, the Ford automobile company ranked tenth, and later the "Appollo" spacecraft to the moon, comparable to the atomic bomb.

Ford's own car brand has Aston Martin (Aston Martin), Ford (Ford), Lincoln (), Ford (SSCUltimateAero), Ford (SaleenS7), Mercury (mercury) and Volvo. In addition, also has the world's largest auto credit companies - Ford Credit (Ford) and Care (Quality). These are the people for having heard it many times brand, at the same time, because of the Ford automobile company for many years of painstaking efforts, the brand itself has great value.

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