Publish Time: 2017-03-28

GoldBone is the United States bone health products manufacturer! Formerly known as the George Brown laboratory, in 1962 officially changed its name GoldBone, Chinese translation of the bone gold. The company is located in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), the product covers bone products, skeletal correction series, bone maintenance products, calcium supplement products, the company's slogan "Core Technology Leaders" products with leading technology is known, has been occupying an important position in the whole ball of products of the same category in the high-end market.

Goldbone is a well-known American medical device brand. Committed to bone health products research and development and marketing. Goldbone has been developed for bone inflammation, deformation, proliferation and other bone diseases and clinical treatment. The first prosecution in 1951 the United States of Philadelphia (Philadelphia) Schuylkill River (Schuylkill) a private laboratory, next to the George Brown Laboratory (George Brown). The main person in charge: George. (George), his research team at the time of cervical spondylosis (after cervical spondylosis) as the subject for research and development and experiment of Brown. In 1953 George Brown's traction combined with drugs for the treatment of cervical spondylosis became the only effective treatment of cervical osteoarthritis, 1962 Goldbone company was born, the people familiar with the green eyed little sign.

Goldbone products related to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, health care and other health care products related to bone, then swept the country, in January 2000 to enter China, registered in Beijing, the bones of gold Biological Technology Co., ltd.. 2011 science and technology continues to update, bone Goldbone (gold) ushered in a new era, advanced production technology, the perfect service team and make the bone Goldbone. Today, Goldbone has become one of the most popular medical devices and health care providers in china.

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