Publish Time: 2017-03-31

The [ESKIMO] brand from China: Company: an Zhejiang Hangzhou Eskimos bedding Co. Ltd. Hangzhou area: mode of operation: direct, joined the Hangzhou Eskimos beddings Co. Ltd. is an independent legal personality of the production-oriented enterprises, the company has all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than and 20 people, more than and 70 sets of imported equipment, Ltd. always adhere to the "honest and trustworthy, pioneering and innovative" in the process of the development of the business philosophy, adhere to the "quality and service for development" principle. Through the discussion and experimental extensive and in-depth market research, repeatedly, combined with modern people on the concept of a healthy life pursuit, the modern science and technology combined with the traditional process of ancient, successfully developed a series of products to adapt to the spring and autumn and winter, nearly 200 varieties, a total of eleven series of products, such as suitable for summer sales "Eskimo" leather seats, linen mat series series, bamboo mat series, bamboo fiber series, Teng seats series, suitable for winter sales of "Eskimo" silkworm series, silk velvet series, chenille series, sheep fur series suitable for spring and autumn season "Eskimos" four piece series of seven pieces, in addition, cushion series, pillow series health care function; through scientific market segmentation, market integration, the establishment of the agency in 20 provinces and cities nationwide distribution network. , thus forming a set design, development, production and sales of modern enterprise. In the future, companies in the development plan after five years, will add to the annual Eskimos counter 80, 30 stores in the speed of expanding brand awareness; the company will continue adhering to people-oriented, market-oriented, based on textile manufacturing enterprises, continue to absorb the outstanding domestic and foreign advanced technology and management experience, optimization the industrial structure, and strive to become the domestic well-known brand!

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