Publish Time: 2017-03-31

Toyota Auto Body Co, referred to as the "TOYOTA" (TOYOTA), the founder of Toyoda Kiichiro, is headquartered in TOYOTA City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan and Tokyo automotive industry manufacturing company Bunkyo, belonging to the Japanese Mitsui zaibatsu. TOYOTA is one of the world's ten largest auto industry companies, Japan's largest car company, founded in 1933. Since the beginning of 2008, has gradually replaced GM as the world's number one car manufacturer. Its brands include TOYOTA, Lexus and other series of high low-end models etc.. Toyota Auto Body Co in 1895, Toyoda Kiichiro was born in Japan, graduated from the University of Tokyo, Department of mechanical engineering. By the end of 1929, Toyoda Kiichiro personally inspected the automotive industry in Europe and the United states. In 1933, in the TOYOTA automatic weaving machine made by the Ministry of automotive. Early TOYOTA, crown, light crown, corolla car mingzaoyishi, recent keleixida, Lexus luxury cars is also very famous. Toyota Corporation's three oval logo was used from the beginning of 1990. The symbol of the large oval on behalf of the earth, in the middle of the two oval vertical combination of a T word, on behalf of Toyota Corporation. It symbolizes the Toyota Corporation based on the future, confidence and ambition for the future.

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