Publish Time: 2017-03-31

Cadillac was born in 1902, known as the American Automobile City of Detroit. More than 100 years, Cadillac in the automotive industry has created numerous first, creating numerous luxury car industry standard; can be said that the history of Cadillac on behalf of the United States luxury car history. All along, Cadillac is regarded as the top luxury car, is the successful people in the United States in every historical era of success, is the first choice of car dignitaries, celebrities and dignitaries. In the Webster dictionary, Cadillac is defined as a synonym for "excellent, the most prestigious things similar in the most distinguished by the pursuit of the ultimate; has always been known for London's Royal Automobile Club as a" world standard "reputation. It was named after Anthony Mengs Cadillac, a French explorer who founded the city of Detroit in 1701. Cadillac early by Henry - M - Leilan control, he is Fuergele Leilan, shares of the company manager, the production of automotive precision parts. Henry worked with the company had worked in Ford, different from the "Volkswagen" is not interested in. Blue ray and his company is committed to manufacturing the best car, even though they yield a record 4307 car record in 1906, Cadillac executives still refused to continue to improve the yield of the temptation to cast high quality car production. This makes it lose the position of the largest automaker, but has made many technical achievements to become one of the leading premium car manufacturers. From the Cadillac trademark registration to today's 90 year history, Cadillac car for countless political, literary and art circles and corporate giants ride, in the car, Fleetwood is considered to be more extreme, as it represents the General Company etiquette car, luxury car highest quality and image. Cadillac has always been the symbol of American luxury cars. The people of Cadillac the most impressive, shield may be selected by Cadillac. This emblem complex and delicate, symbolizing the leadership of Cadillac in the automotive industry.

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