Publish Time: 2017-03-31

Wensli Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hangzhou Jianqiao silk factory, founded in 1975. After 38 years of development, has now become a silk culture and creative industries, biotechnology, asset management, capital management for the wings of modern enterprise groups.

Group mining, heritage and carry forward the China silk culture, traditional silk and cultural creativity, high-tech combination, based on the traditional silk fabric, silk clothing, expand developed silk culture products, high-end silk silk art decorations and three innovative fields, and through the brand information and the establishment of new business models, to create from product manufacturing to culture, the new way of transformation and upgrading of a silk enterprises. Not only to achieve the cultural value, but also to achieve a higher economic value.

WENSLI brand was born in Hangzhou, the Southern Song Dynasty silk silkworm production trading center, merchants, left at Marco Polo "2290 Tiancheng", raised a big Shen Silk family, as the fifth generation descendant of silk Shen Aiqin, grew up in sericulture culture, trying to re Chinese silk belt to the world, life has created the first well-known trademarks - China silk wensli. Hangzhou will return to Japan, Europe's most advanced industrial brand concept and thinking of Tu Hongyan, and from the hands of the mother into the sixty years of age took the world silk baton, she always believed, silk is never a luxury, in a low-key luxury advocate, every corner of Wensli silk products to be elegant, classic, Tu Hongyan research into the fashion life.

When the "blue and white porcelain" award dress at the Beijing Olympic Games wonderful debut; when the Expo partners dressed in costumes with the most beautiful gesture in the world stage; when the "silk yinpu" won the World Expo global Chinese souvenir silver, she realized the high end of the relay, China culture and modern silk, silk as a luxury recovery what.

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