Publish Time: 2017-03-31

China Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Petroleum Group) is a collection of oil and gas exploration and development, refining and petrochemical, oil sales, oil and gas storage and transportation, oil trade, engineering and technical services and petroleum equipment manufacturing in one of the integrated energy company. Ranked fifth in the world's top 50 oil companies in 2010.

Business include: Business: oil and gas exploration and production, refining and chemical industry, sales, natural gas and pipeline; and engineering services: geophysical prospecting, drilling and logging and downhole operation; and petroleum engineering construction: oil and gas field surface engineering, pipeline construction, refinery construction; petroleum exploration equipment, drilling equipment manufacturing. Equipment, refining equipment, oil pipes, power equipment; financial services: fund management, finance and insurance; and the development of new energy, unconventional oil and gas resources, biomass and other renewable energy.

Since the founding of new China fifty years ago, along with the rapid development of the oil industry, oil enterprise culture has achieved fruitful results. Chinese Petroleum Group Company formed a rich enterprise culture, in order to cultivate a "Daqing spirit", "Iron Man Spirit" as the representative of the excellent enterprise culture, inspired generations of oil people hard work and selfless dedication, and had a great influence on the society and become an important part of Chinese culture, effectively to promote the development of the petroleum industry China.

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